stay tuned for 2018 date!


Check in @ 9:30am
Flotilla Start @ 11am


Graehl Landing


Pioneer Park
(Peger Rd. Boat Launch)


  • All vessels must have a 50 foot docking line.

  • No enclosed vessels. In the event of an emergency, no part of the structure may impede the passenger from exiting the craft.

  • No power allowed! Only Floating.┬áVessels may have a motor for emergency purposes only.

  • All vessels with children under the age of 18 must have at least one adult on board.

  • Each captain and crew member on board the vessel must wear a USCG-approved flotation device at all times.

  • Each crew member must sign a liability waiver, found online or at the registration table.

  • All entrants assume responsibility for any calamity caused by their entry. Be safe.

  • Removal of vessel, and any related debris, from the river, is the responsibility of the Captain.

  • No alcohol or drugs on board at any time.

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