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If you’re the competitive type you can build your craft according to our totally amazing categories. The day of the float we will give you a number that you will need to display prominently on the raft. This is how the judges will vote for you. The prizes are still to be determined but don’t let that keep you from wanting to win! The winners will be announced at the wrap-up ceremony at the Big I. Details on that below.


That’s right, this year we are asking for businesses to join us on the water. We want to see which Fairbanks business has the chops to make the best, boldest and most ridiculous watercraft out there. So have at it you commerce minded pirates!

Best Use of Golden Days Theme

This year’s theme is “Call Me Gold Fashioned” Be the best at building your watercraft around this year’s theme and you could win!

Most Alaskan Ingenuity

We all know that blue tarps and duct tape are definitely Alaskan, and the use of these items just enhances your chance at being the best. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t other Alaskan items to make your flotilla out of, so be creative.

Least Seaworthy, But Finished

Usually something happens and the best intended construction just isn’t quite enough to withstand the mighty Chena River. But try the best you can to salvage your flotilla should you start taking on water, and if you finish, you could win a fabulous prize!

Judges Choice

This year we are giving judges the ultimate decision in choosing who wins this category. No matter what your water craft is made of, or built on, if it’s cool and the judges like it, you could be the winner of this category.

The Big-I Lounge
Day of the float at 3pm.

Show up for some family friendly fun as we award the winners of this years Regatta. It’s a good way to end a day of fun in the sun with your fellow floateers! We’ll see you there!

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